Spring Landscaping Ideas

Spring is on its way, and as the first few blades of grass emerge and new buds begin to open, it’s time to dust off your mower and get to work on your landscaping. Part of enjoying a beautiful backyard is putting some extra work into it. In this blog, we’ll discuss some easy projects you can do yourself to prepare for the spring and summer season so you can enjoy being outside. If you find that your front lawn or back patio is in need of some new ideas and fresh plants, shrubs, or grass, call Awad Landscapes. We’re proud to offer landscape design, lawn services, and drainage solutions for all of your lawncare needs. Contact us now!

Inspect Your Trees and Shrubs

After a particularly windy or icy winter, trees and shrubs can be damaged by the elements. Inspect them carefully for cracks, broken limbs, or other issues that might have occurred. This is especially important if a large tree is near your home or garage. If you notice broken or cracked limbs, remove them gently so as to not damage the shrub or tree.

SpringLandscapingInnerImageRake Your Yard

This may seem like a waste of time, especially after a long winter, but ensuring that all debris that has blown into your yard or landscaping will help your grass and plants to receive the proper amount of sunlight that they require to grow If certain areas are covered, they may not grow and you could experience bald or bare patches on your lawn.


As the weather continues to warm up, encourage growth in your plants and grass by fertilizing your lawn. This will reinvigorate your yard and give the shrubs, flowers, and grass the nutrients they need to thrive and grow during the summer months.


This is a great time to snuff out any weed seedlings or sprouts that may be preparing to take over your flower beds or lawn. You can use a weed spray or spend some time in the dirt pulling the shoots so that you won’t have to spend hours during the next months trying to control an outbreak.

Call the Professionals

If you need professional lawn care done, such as reseeding your yard or new mulch in your flower beds, call Awad Landscapes. With over 20 years of experience, you can rest assured that your backyard, patio, flower beds, or front lawn will be beautifully designed and maintained by a passionate, local lawn care team.

If you’re in the Chicago, Illinois area, contact Awad Landscapes today for helpful and dedicated service and innovative and unique landscape design. Our team will work with you to create the backyard or front yard of your dreams. For reliable and trustworthy service that exceeds all expectations, call us now!