Drain Pipe Installation

A: Awad Landscapes & Design, LLC. warrants that the buried drain pipes will be free from defects in the area repaired for a period of 10 years, all of which is transferable.

Q: Exclusive Remedy

A: Under this warranty, Awad Landscapes & Design, LLC. will be responsible solely for materials and workmanship to repair the claim. This warranty does not cover nor will Awad Landscapes & Design, LLC. be responsible for the removal of the following:

  • Trees, grass or other landscaping
  • Exterior concrete, asphalt, or stone
  • Interior finished walls

Q: Limitations

A: This warranty does not apply and Awad Landscapes & Design, LLC. shall not be responsible for wet basement leakage or drainage pipe defects resulting from:

  • Any damage to the coated walls or applied coating including damage caused by alterations or penetrations (pipes, cables, ducts, etc.) unless previously treated by Awad Landscapes & Design, LLC.
  • Build up of condensation on the interior walls or utility pipes.
  • Defective or inadequate interior, exterior drainage system.
  • Extreme weather conditions such as flooding or driving rain.
  • Damage to drainage systems by others.
  • Sewer backup caused by city or other old sewers.
  • Waterline breaks due to freezing.

Q: Claims Procedure

A: Any claim under this limited warranty shall be initiated by providing Awad Landscapes & Design, LLC. with written notification within (30) days of discovering the claim. Upon written notification Awad Landscapes & Design, LLC. will make a prompt inspection and evaluation in order to perform its obligations, if any, as stated in this warranty.

Awad Landscapes & Design, LLC. shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to damage to the structure or its contents.