Easy Tips for Front Yard Landscaping

If you’re planning to start a landscaping project on your front lawn, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by all of the choices of plants, shrubbery, and flowers. However, landscaping doesn’t need to stress you out. In this blog, we’ll talk about some easy tips and ideas to consider when you’re planning to landscape your front yard or flower beds. Awad Landscapes can make your home beautiful utilizing beautiful greenery and plants to add life and depth to your home. Contact the helpful and professional team at Awad Landscapes today for more information about our professional landscape design today!

Keep It Simple

Too many plants and shrubs can make your yard appear cluttered and messy. For a clean and fresh look, carefully choose plants and bushes that compliment your home. If you’re unsure of the right plants to choose, call the professionals at Awad Landscapes. With more than 20 years of experience, we’ll work with you to create a beautiful design that will make your home absolutely stunning.

Call Before You Start

Have you heard about people accidentally cutting into their gas or power lines when digging a hole for a new tree or bush? To avoid any issues, call your local utility service before you begin any projects that involve a shovel.

Choose Odd Numbers

Exact numbers will make your landscape design appear too perfect, which can actually be distracting and detract from your beautiful home. If you’re planting less than 10 plants in a grouping, make sure they’re in odd numbers for maximum beauty. Stay with the same mindset with choosing the colors of flowers or plants as well. The human eye is trained to notice patterns, so keeping the numbers odd will allow you and your family to notice the entire landscape design instead of counting the number of shrubs, bushes, or flowers that are in the front yard.

There’s No Substitute for Excellent Maintenance

You can have the most incredible landscape design in your neighborhood, but if it’s not maintained properly, it will only make your home and yard appear unkempt. If you’re in need of professional landscaping maintenance, call the professionals at Awad Landscaping for help and advice.

If you’re overwhelmed by your front yard and want it to make your home look amazing, call Awad Landscaping now for information about landscape design and how we can help bring your front yard dreams to life. If you’re in the Chicago, Illinois area, contact us today!