Reasons You Should Hire Us for Your Landscaping Needs

When it comes to gardening and landscaping, many homeowners around Northbrook believe they can do it entirely by themselves. While this may work for small garden box projects, larger designs are best left to the professionals. At Awad Landscapes, we believe that the right landscaping around your home can improve curb appeal and increase your home’s resale value. Doing it yourself may give you a sense of accomplishment, but landscape design and maintenance is a job best left to the pros. Here’s why:

We Have Experience

At Awad Landscapes, our crew is experienced. We know what designs will work best for your overall goals and understand what plants will work best in given locations. This helps your yard look its best throughout the year, regardless of season. Furthermore, we’ll work with you to create a design that works for the amount of space you have. You’ll never have to worry about your landscaping taking up more yard than you expected!

Details Matter

From selecting the right trim to installing the perfect lighting, trust Awad Landscapes. Your home’s exterior matters to us and we want to make it stand out from the other homes on your block. With the right lighting and decorative touches, we’ll make your landscaping the talk of the neighborhood and we’ll show you how to take care of it.

Continued Maintenance

Maintaining a complex garden may offer stress relief during the spring and early summer, but once the weather takes a turn for the worse, it quickly becomes a chore. We’re proud to offer full maintenance for all of your landscaping needs. Why waste a weekend battling with a hedge trimmer when you can let us handle it for you?

Save time and get the landscape design you’ve always wanted with the help of Awad Landscaping. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a consultation with our professional landscaping experts in Northbrook!