Just as you would regularly vacuum the floor and dust your furniture inside your house, you should keep your patio clean so it’s ready at a moments notice to entertain. Start in early spring with a complete cleaning.

Awad Landscapes will come out and remove all your patio furniture or decorations off the areas we are working on. We will power wash your pavers removing oil stains, mildew, dirt embedded in the pavers or concrete, remove rust stains, and tar. We will allow the patio to dry and depending on which our customer chooses to have we can put Polymeric Sand or Play Sand between the pavers.

What’s the difference between the two types of Sands?

Polymeric Sand – ¬†will be put between the pavers and it locks up like concrete not allowing water to penetrate between the pavers but doesn’t allow weeds to grow in between.

Play Sand – will be put between the pavers and allows water to penetrate between the pavers. It also allows weeds to grow between the pavers.

We offer two types of Sealers to give you a long lasting look and helps prevent oil stains, rust stains, and different types of stains to occur.

Dry Look or Wet Look.

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