• We have snow plows in all shapes and sizes, able to reach the smallest areas or clean up nearly an entire street at once.
  • Our experts come in and complete the entire cleaning process in little time, staying careful around your property and ensuring that the job gets done right.
  • We can come in and cover all of the work for you, allowing you to spend more time staying warm and enjoying your free time.
  • we offer one-time and recurring salting services over the course of the winter.

Central Salt Pro Slicer Bagged De-Icer

Pro Slicer is created through the application of a high performance liquid deicer added to a blend of fine and coarse crystal ice melt. Through the use of prewetting technology, each crystal is encapsulated in liquid deicer to give it the one-two high performance punch of a fast melting liquid deicer and the staying power of granular ice melt.

Peladow Calcium Chloride Bagged De-Icer

The pellet form of Calcium Chloride is designed to burn a hole in the ice to the pavement! Calcium Chloride’s fast action melting and cold temperature performance are 2 properties that distinguish it from other deicers. This is due to the exothermic (heat releasing) action that CaCl exhibits when it dissolves in water.


Halite Salt Crystals

Mega Melt Halite Crystals is a natural rock salt that is screened and dried to provide optimal performance. This product’s unique blend of rock salt provides the smaller crystals that will melt on contact and the larger crystals that will bore through the snow or ice to melt on the surface which can break the bond.