Spray Programs Available

Enjoy your summer mosquito free with one of our discounted treatment packages. Pricing is dependent mostly upon property size – just give us a call today to get a free, no pressure phone estimate. Treatments are guaranteed for 21 days and are backed by our national free retreatment guarantee (see the guarantee page for details).

8 Treatment Full Season Package

Our most popular package with the largest discount, the full season package guarantees a mosquito free spring, summer, and fall. With guaranteed coverage from early May through late September, you will experience true mosquito and tick free living. Best of all, if it gets cold early in the fall, we can always carry over the final treatment to next season, free of charge.

6 Treatment Summer Package

Our six treatment package is the perfect choice for people and families who love the outdoors but still need to be budget conscious. With coverage from early May through August, this package offers peace of mind for the majority of the mosquito season.

4 Treatment Summer Package

Our four treatment summer package is great for those looking for protection during the peak of the mosquito season, typically Mid-May through Mid-July.