We are dedicated to doing a good, quality and thorough job thus making our customers happy.

What separates us from the competition?

  • All of our employees are screened and verified using HireRight. We do this for your piece of mind since they will be on/at your property.
  • Anyone working on your property is certified using LS Training

    LStraining.com - Industry Standards Certification in Training

    This teaches/reinforces proper usage, training, safety and maintenance on the equipment. Additionally, it addresses harassment and defensive driving.

  • We offer our employees benefits. Many contractors with seasonal work do not provide this option but we believe that happier employees provide better quality work with more pride.
  • We have GPS on all our vehicles. It may seem minor but this helps us to accurately keep track of the vehicles to know when and how long they were at a property along with creating more effective routes.
  • We strive to be eco-friendly. As previously mentioned, more effective routes reduce fuel consumption. When possible we are using propane powered machines to reduce gasoline usage, exhaust and noise pollution.