Your front yard is one of the first things that catches the attention of anyone who passes by on a walk or drives through the neighborhood. While you may not consider yourself to have a green thumb, there are some relatively simple ideas that you can try to implement in your front yard to add curb appeal value. Contact Awad Landscapes to learn how we can create the landscape you want.

While you may not be thinking about moving right now, the time will come when you will probably move to a new home in another town or another state. The curb appeal of your home will play a big role in persuading potential buyers to make a larger offer. If a complete landscape redesign feels overwhelming, then call Awad Landscapes today and let us know how we can help you with all of your landscape needs.

Split-Level Landscaping

If you have a split-level home, then you have some interesting landscape design challenges that other homes don’t have. You might face challenges with erosion due to the slope of your yard as well as focal point decisions. Awad Landscapes will bring our years of knowledge and experience in the landscape design industry to help you create the perfect garden landscape design for your front yard. Whether it is grading your lawn, or selecting the right focal point, we can help with your split-level landscaping. Let us show you how we can transform your yard by calling us today.

Accent Trees

There are so many beautiful trees to choose from in our growing zone that you may have a hard time deciding which ones to choose. When you are planning an eye-catching landscape design, you should consider planting accent trees. If you are looking for evergreens, a Blue Spruce or Douglas Fir are great choices. For trees that will provide mind-blowing color in the fall, consider a Japanese Red Maple or a Sugar Maple. For help with choosing the trees that will thrive in your yard and add to the overall design, be sure to contact our team at Awad Landscapes.

Driveway Designs

Driveways are frequently forgotten in discussions of professional landscape design, however, they can prove to be a hidden treasure. Designed correctly, your driveway can be either the center of attention or a handsome compliment to your garden landscaping. Whether you wish to put in pavers, cobblestones, or grass medians, we can help make your landscape designs a reality.

Tiered Gardens

For homes with sloped yards or steep inclines, choosing the right type of landscape design can prove somewhat challenging. If you would like to add some eye catching details to your front lawn, but are unsure of the best way to do so, then contact Awad Landscapes and let us help you create the perfect landscape design! One possible solution is to break up the yard into terraced levels that are much easier to design and manage.

Expand The Porch

The majority of front porches are great for spending time relaxing outside on a swing or in a chair. Depending on a number of factors such as when your home was built, or the style of construction, you may have a relatively small front porch. Extending the square footage of your porch will add instant value and attraction to your home. Awad Landscapes has the experience needed to make a porch-extension job an easy home upgrade for you. Call today and tell us what you want to see in your front porch.

Lighting, Lighting, Lighting

We cannot begin to emphasize enough the importance of strategically placed lighting elements in your front lawn. One of the first things that you should consider as you choose landscape lighting fixtures is to make sure that they match your home’s style. If your home is traditional in appearance, then modern fixtures would clash. In addition to the design of the landscape light fixtures, be sure to choose a lamp color that will add the right touch to your home’s appearance. Choose colors that compliment the color of your home as well as blend nicely with the dominant plant color. The team at Awad Landscapes is happy to guide you to the right lighting fixtures for your front yard.

Your front lawn should be the crown jewel of your property. It is one of the most visible features of your property and heavily influences potential buyers should you decide to move. Let the experts at Awad Landscapes help you take your landscape design ideas and turn them into reality. We have the knowledge and expertise that you need and we are happy to help. Call today and let us show you all of the options we offer for your garden landscape design.