About Us

Company History

Brian Awad is the Former Owner of A1 Landscaping, Inc. out of Palatine, IL. After 15 years, he worked for TruGreen and became a Certified Lawn Specialist learning about soil amendment, plants, diseases, treatment plants, and how to maintain a lawn.

Brian had an opportunity to work for a well known Landscape company out of Chicago maintaining the VA Hospital Landscapes and Lawn. He learned how to do things he has never done before such as building Roof Deck Patios, Landscapes, and Planters. He realized how much he really loved running his own business and being creative in his artwork with this industry. Brian decided to open Awad Landscapes & Design, LLC in June 2015.

Awad Landscapes figures out the best strategies to get the job done right the first time and have long lasting results. We work closely with our crew and customers in order to deliver the best results possible. Our teams are professional, reliable and trustworthy. Awad Landscapes believes in taking care of customers and helping them achieve the landscape of their dreams.

What separates us from the competition?

We are dedicated to doing a good, quality and thorough job thus making our customers happy.

We offer our employees benefits. Many contractors with seasonal work do not provide this option but we believe that happier employees provide better quality work with more pride.

We strive to be eco-friendly. As previously mention, more effective routes reduce fuel consumption. When possible we are using propane powered machines to reduce gasoline usage, exhaust and noise population.

We have GPS on our all vehicles. It may seem minor but this helps us to accurately keep track of the vehicles to know when and how long they were at a property along with creating more effective routes.

Meet the Team

Brian Awad

Brian Awad



Office Manager



Irrigation and Landscaping Specialist



Crew Leader- Lawn Maintenance



Lawn Maintenance