Eco-Friendly Lawn Maintenance

When envisioning the most desirable outdoor space, a well-trimmed lawn is often associated. 


Our Process

Once hired, we will have a consultation on the specifics of your lawn care.

Hydrate the deep roots of the grass to keep a lush look and healthy feeling.

Mow the lawn using the leading eco-friendly mower in today’s market.

Trim the edges of your lawn.

Fertilize the grass using an organic fertilizer to promote soil health.

Aerate the lawn to increase grass root health and pervent soil compaction.

Our licensed specialists present each client with professionalism and ensure the client’s lawn will be healthy and have longevity. At Awad Landscapes, every client leaves with their expectations exceeded. Our team of professional craftsman are trained to personalize their process with each lawn to guarantee a healthy, green lawn.

Benefits to Using Awad Landscapes

Guarenteed Longevity

Awad Landscapes ensures each client’s lawn will stay healthy and lively.


At Awad Landscapes, we take the safety of the environment seriously, which is why we use eco-friendly materials.

Quick Response Time

If you are in need of lawn maintenance, give us a call. We are known for taking jobs at short-notice and finishing them in an efficient manner.

Request a Free Quote

For more information or to set up a consultation for your lawn care maintenance, contact Awad Landscapes today.