Landscape Lighting

At Awad Landscapes, we specialize in providing our clients with customized lighting to compliment their aesthetically pleasing landscape.

Our Process

Once hired, we will have a consultation on the process of the landscape lighting job. Discussion will include our professional opinion on where light will enhance focal points and where to hide potential eyesores. Our expert staff will ensure to accommodate any adjustments the client has before and during the process.

Landscape lighting process begins. We will work in the day and evening to ensure lighting is appealing and is not underdone.

Once the job is completed, the client may make any changes they deem necessary.

Landscape lighting adds a dramatic improvement to the beauty of your outdoor space. At Awad Landscaping, our team of experts personalize every project, bringing each client’s vision to life.

Benefits to Using Awad Landscapes

Highlight Beauty

Lighting gives you the ability to accentuate the architecture of your outdoor space.

Security and Safety

Studies show that an adequately lit outdoor space will deter criminal activity. You will be able to stay outdoors as late as you want with the light illuminating your outdoor space.

Stand Out

Having lighting done to your outdoor area will make your space stand out from others.

Quick Response Time

If you are in need of a high-end landscaping project, give us a call. We are known for taking jobs, at a short-notice and finishing them in an efficient manner.

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