With over 15 years in experience with high-end landscaping, Awad Landscaping combines the principles of proportion, order, repetition, and unity to form the perfect landscape for you.

Our Process

Once hired, we will have a consultation on the process of the landscaping job. Our professional staff will ensure to accommodate any adjustments the client has before and during the landscaping process.

Next, the landscaping process begins. We use next-generational technology, such as laser-guided and GPS equipment, to guarentee accurate specifications.

Once the job is completed, the client may make any changes they deem necessary.

At Awad Landscapes, every client leaves with their expectations exceeded. Not only are we heavily focused on achieving an outcome that is environmentally focused, aesthetically pleasing, or centered on social-behavioral uses, but we also use leading technology to enhance the finished product.

Benefits to Using Awad Landscapes

Guarenteed Longevity

Awad Landscapes ensures grass, plants, and other landscape look appealing for long periods of time with minimal maintenance.


We take the safety of our clients, staff and environment seriously. By using the leading equipment in today’s market, we ensure the landscaping process is completely safe.

Quick Response Time

If you are in need of a high end landscaping project, give us a call. We are known for taking jobs at short-notice and finishing them in an efficient manner.

Request a Free Quote

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