Snow Removal / Salt Services

Awad Landscaping believes every outdoor space should look presentable and safe during the brutal winters.


Light Snow Blowing

Residential Snow Plow

Pro Slicer – Snow Melting and Deicing Product

Our Process

Once hired, we will have a consultation on the specifics of the snow removal and salt service to match the client’s schedule.

Snow removal services are based on the client’s need and amount of snowfall.

Awad Landscaping ensures all snow is removed and salt is sprinkled on areas including driveways, walkways, patio, deck, etc.

Our licensed snow removal specialists present each client with professionalism and guarantee the client’s outdoor area will be safe to walk while looking appealing. At Awad Landscapes, every client leaves with their expectations exceeded. Our team of professional craftsmen are trained to personalize their snow removal process with each project to guarantee an attractive, safe outdoor area.

Benefits to Using Awad Landscapes

Guarenteed Safety

We take the safety of our clients seriously. Our licensed snow removal specialists ensure to use the proper amount of salt to prevent ice from forming. In addition to your own safety, our plows have rubber cutting edges to protect your property from damage.

Quick Response Time

If you are in need of snow removal, give us a call. We are known for taking jobs at short notice and finishing them in an efficient manner.

Request a Free Quote

For more information or to set up a consultation for your snow removal service, contact Awad Landscapes today.